(Youtube)[ASMR] 手巻き寿司 Temaki カキフライ Oyster ホタルいか Firefly Squid | 日本食べ物 JAPAN HEALTHY FOOD (2021)



手巻き寿司 Temaki
カキフライ Oyster
ホタルいか Firefly Squid |
Rice Cake もちイチゴ |
日本の伝統的な食べ物 |
akis asmr

Japanese food is viewed as being one of the healthiest in the world, and rightly so if you can stick to a traditional diet avoid making a few major mistakes.

One of the most obvious things that I’ve noticed was the japanese has such many healthy options food.

Adding small variety to your meals will keep you energized and in good shape.

Anyone have Suggestion on what should i eat next? Just place in the comment Below.

This is an ASMR video.To ensure all tingles please wear headphone. Everyone has a different ASMR trigger and i hope you find one that can help you to RELAX.

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